CEOs and business owners in startups, high growth entrepreneurial businesses and other mid-sized organisations constantly struggle to hire and retain competent CHROs who address their Organisation and people needs and challenges, build their HR functions and offer sound advice, guidance and support.

While CHRO talent is extremely scarce, living without this competence costs them dearly.

Ganesh Chella’s value proposition

Ganesh has been working as a CHRO on demand with a very large number of CEOs since the 2000. With his domain expertise, deep appreciation of business, strong consulting capabilities and of course his professional independence, he has been able to bring insights, ask candid questions, offer wise counsel, help design and implement solutions and in general be available as a trusted advisor to the CEO on all Organisation and people matters.

Designed to be an interim support for a 12 to 18 month period, Ganesh works with the CEOs to address their needs and also helps hire or mentor an HR leader who can in due course take on this role.

What Ganesh typically does in this role

Creates the HR agenda


Works with the CEO to develop the strategic HR agenda or define the HR priorities keeping in mind business needs

Supports in Leadership


Supports the CEO in his leadership tasks of clarifying and communicating the direction, determining the adequacy of the leadership bench strength, identifying hiring needs and participating in selection of key talent, identifying development gaps or addressing issues of structure, alignment or performance.

Strengthens HR Processes


Helps the CEO review and strengthen key HR processes

Partners with Business


Partners with the CEO and his team to understand and solve Organisation and HR problems that might be impacting the business.

Develops the function


Helps build the HR function and mentor the HR team members

Offers HR Counsel


Provides advice and guidance on emerging leadership, Organisation and people issues.

Some recent examples

The founder of a digital business saw the need for a trusted advisor who could be his thinking partner even as he worked towards redefining his business direction, aligning his team towards this new direction and assessing the leadership bench strength to meet the new goals of the business. His partnership with Ganesh Chella helped him redefine and communicate the new direction, align his team and redefine the structure to achieve the new goals of the business. To achieve this progress, Ganesh used a structured process to engage with the promoter and his leadership team.
The CEO & MD of this German multinational in the engineering business found that his Organisation was grappling with several challenges of managing the huge growth opportunities that presented itself.The absence of an HR leader he could rely on to address gaps in organizational capabilities and structure and the absence of a responsive HR function to drive critical processes were leading to several challenges.His partnership with Ganesh resulted in the framing of a clear HR agenda, a sound on-the-ground assessment of current realities and time based actions to address the defined agendas. He and his leaders were beginning to quickly find workable solutions to many of the problems that they had been living with for a while.
As soon as he took over as the MD and CEO of a highly respected media house, he realized that a sound HR function and a competent CHRO he could trust and rely on would be extremely critical for his success in turning around the business. His partnership with Ganesh helped him think through and arrive at his critical HR priorities, fill functional gaps in the HR team, drive programs to improve performance, launch restructuring efforts and of course search for and identify his CHRO.
Ganesh has worked with four Private Equity / Venture Capital firms as their HR Advisor. In this role, he has brought in the HR capabilities that these firms were looking for before investment in the form of HR Due diligence and after investment in the form of support and guidance to the entrepreneurs in the invested companies on HR matters. In addition, he has also supported the leadership and organizational needs of these firms themselves.


if you need a very high caliber CHRO on demand to address all or some of the above needs, talk to Ganesh.