HR Here and Now (1)
 When the Quintessential HR person sets out to find some answers…
  • Why does HR as a function evoke such strong and varied emotions among people?
  • Given the rapid advancement in the profession, should the term HR be redefined?
  • Why does the quality of the function depend so much on the way it is positioned within the organization?
  • What shapes a CEO’s attitude towards HR?
  • Should HR professionals focus on doing, feeling or thinking?
  • What are the big demands on HR today and in times to come?
  • How does one advance in HR?

If these and other practical questions keep cropping up in your mind, this book is certainly the place to find answers. Shorn of all the theory, this book raises and answers some fundamental and practical questions about the function and the functionary and also augments it with some shining examples from Indian organizations.

Written by practitioners with deep first hand HR experience, “HR Here and Now” is a thought provoking book set firmly in the Indian context.

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