Totus HR School

totus HR School (THS) strives to make HR functions in organisations more aligned and effective by building the capabilities of its HR practitioners.

THS partners with CHROs to take the function to a higher orbit of contribution and effectiveness through bespoke capability building interventions.

THS also undertakes action research projects that help create new insights for its clients around their people and organisational issues.

Over the past six years, THS has designed and executed several innovative programs for the HR community.

Totus HR school’s value proposition

THS interventions are completely customised and designed and executed in close partnership with CHROs and their HR leaders.  This ensures that the program is contextually relevant and addresses their specific needs.  It also ensures internal ownership for sustained results.

The focus of THS interventions is on enhanced functional effectiveness rather than mere training.  To this end THS strives to understand the organisational context and the aspirational role expectations that HR team members are expected to fulfil.  This is then used to design the learning intervention.

THS promotes heightened self-awareness among HR professionals through continuous assessment and feedback. This facilitates professional excellence and personal change.

THS encourages a continued relationship with the teams it works with so that professional development becomes a life long journey.


What totus HR School does

THS has developed a very strong body of knowledge around HR effectiveness from a structural, role and capability perspective thanks to the decades of experience that its team of Executive Directors have in HR leadership roles and the years they have spent in hands-on HR capability building efforts.

Using these insights THS offers customised role based capability building programs for some of the most critical roles within the function like

1.Program for young HR professionals in People engagement or functional specialist roles.

The focus of this program is on

  • Enhancing the functional foundations of young HR professionals to help them effectively implement the core HR processes and solve problems of its effectiveness.
  • Providing them with the conversational skills to engage with employees in an empathetic relationship.
  • Enhancing their personal effectiveness through heightened self-awareness.

2.Program for seasoned HR professionals in Business partnering or functional leadership roles.

The focus of this program is on

  • Imparting basic internal consulting skills that can help participants define problems, gather information and come up with the right solutions.
  • Imparting skills to undertake sound HR planning for their businesses.
  • Widening their functional competence.
  • Strengthening their leadership abilities.

3.Program for Plant HR Heads who lead the ER function in manufacturing Organisations.

The focus of this program is on

  • Developing a contemporary view of ER including some of the strategic ER issues.
  • Imparting the skills necessary to assess ER climate and come up with proactive strategies.
  • Imparting skills to undertake sound ER planning for their businesses.
  • Widening their functional competence keeping in mind their ER roles.
  • Strengthening their influencing and conflict management abilities.

4.Program for Senior professionals in Strategic HR Leadership roles.

The focus of this program is on

  • Helping them bring a strategic orientation to HR function.
  • Developing the skills for strategic HR planning.
  • Developing the conversational skills to engage in crucial conversations with business leaders on emerging organisational imperatives, people agendas and other dilemmas.
  • Deepening internal consulting skills that can help participants define problems, gather information and come up with the right solutions.
  • Gaining familiarity with facilitation change.

THS also offers programs in specific areas of functional expertise. All these programs are based on our in depth understanding of these roles and the skills and competencies required to succeed in them.

The THS competency framework covering functional competencies, leadership competencies, partnering and consulting skills and standards of professional excellence forms the basis for all these programs.

THS competency framework:

Some recent examples

  • We helped the Supply chain team of a leading FMCG group to define their competence development agenda. We also helped evolve their Employee Relations strategy by undertaking a research project on current and contemporary Employee Relations (ER) practices in India. The research presented insights from Organisations with progressive ER practices that have given them sustainable business and people results.
  • We worked with a global print, digital and supply chain solutions company to develop and enhance their competencies and through that the effectiveness of a team of Business Partners and HR leaders in the Asia Pacific region. The objective of the program was to develop business partnering and consulting capabilities so that the participants are able to understand the needs of business and respond with the right solutions. This was a seven month intervention.
  • We concluded an intervention to enhance the employee relations capability of a large pharma company. The objective of the engagement was to enhance the Employee Relations awareness, mind-set and competencies across all the managerial levels of the Organisation as well as across all the HR functions so that risks were mitigated and proactive steps were taken to build a productive ER climate. It was also the objective of the engagement to systematically sense the ER climate, facilitate and audit and present critical data to the top management to help them make policy decisions to promote the right ER climate. This was a six month intervention.
  • We worked with a 10,000 employee global shared services organisation belonging to an international bank to develop the HR Business Partner capabilities for three levels of HR business partners. The developmental goal of the intervention was to achieve mastery in Business Partnership by developing partnering and consulting capabilities, cross-functional know-how (within and outside HR), leadership and managerial effectiveness. This was a seven month intervention.
  • We worked with a global technology company to build the functional competencies of their young frontline HR professionals. The objective of the program was to design and deliver a program that made the chosen participants at the Associate and Sr. Associate levels fully proficient in the developmental milestones of their current work level and well prepared to meet the demands at the next work level . The intervention was based on the values, leadership and functional competency framework and business needs of the organisation. This was a nine month intervention.
  • We are working with a leading auto ancillary major to develop the capabilities of their frontline HR professionals. The objective of the intervention is to deliver a program that makes the frontline HR team members fully proficient in some of the basics of HR including functional competencies, leadership competencies, functional processes and Business outcomes of HR through the Partnering role. The intervention is based on totus HR School’s competency framework as
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