There are many things that come in the way of an organization’s effectiveness and its ability to realise its true potential. Organisation Development (OD) as a practice helps organisations diagnose and then come up with solutions to enhance effectiveness.

Organizations large and small with specific needs, issues and concerns around organizational effectiveness have been seeking the support of totus consulting to address these needs and have found invaluable solutions. Totus consulting has been involved in over a hundred OD projects in the last 17 years.

Totus consulting’s value proposition

We use our skills of diagnosis andour expertise in the use of tested OD methodologies to design and implement solutions to address a wide range of issues impacting Organisation effectiveness including culture, climate, structure, leadership, collaboration and so on.

These OD projects can take the form of strategic off-sites, leadership workshops, sensing and diagnostic interventions, design and implementation of certain key processes and so on. Whatever the need and the approach, the focus is on delivering tangible results against a clearly defined scope and sharp timelines.

What totus consulting typically does in this role



Help CEOs co-create the vision or establish shared purpose.



Helping leaders solve problems of trust and collaboration within their leadership team to facilitate greater commitment.



Help improve alignment and performance by solving problems around job design, organisation design, accountability for results, rewards and governance processes.

Culture & values


Help address aspects of culture and values that are impacting effectiveness.



Address issues around climate and engagement.

Some recent examples

A trust hospital of repute realized that its revenues and service quality levels were falling. It wanted to understand the reasons behind this and on that basis come up with solutions to address the same. It invited Ganesh Chella to address this Organisation Development need. Using a combination of OD and service quality know-how, Ganesh engaged in a comprehensive diagnostic exercise meeting Doctors, Nurses and non-medical team members.At the end of the diagnostic phase, he engaged in multiple rounds of dialogues with the Board to present his findings and then deliberate about a range of recommendations and through that arrive at a clear set of actions to take.
The Managing Director of a multinational engineering company was concerned that he had no strategy or plan to identify, develop and retain his talented employees. In the face of certain changes taking place in his Organisation, this need was becoming extremely critical. He was also keen that his leadership team appreciated this need and co-owned its implementation. In this context he invited Ganesh Chella to partner with him. Through a series of interactions which finally culminated in an intensive workshop, the MD was able to arrive at a clear talent management strategy which was fully endorsed by his team.
As he assumed responsibility as the Managing Director of this telecom major, he realized that his leadership team had a large proportion of new members many of who were also new to their roles and the business. For this new team to achieve results under competitive circumstances, he saw the need to invest in an intervention to bring team members closer, get them to appreciate each other’s strengths, respect each other’s styles and discuss and agree on the key strategic imperatives to achieve the business goals. In this context, he invited Ganesh Chella to partner with him and his team. Ganesh engaged in one-on-one discussions with all the members of the leadership team to establish common ground. This was followed by a fair amount of preparatory work before the entire team got together for a strategic off-site. The off-site which was facilitated by Ganesh Chella served as a platform to accomplish many of the team development agendas set out by the MD. A few months after the off-site, the team has made rapid progress.
The founders of a technology company were at cross-roads. Having reached a certain scale, they were not sure if they should scale to the next level or sell out. They were also not sure about the personaly goals of one another as well as those in their leadership team.They were also not sure about what decision to take and what it would take to implement the decision they took. It is in this context that reached out to Ganesh.Ganesh used his facilitation skills to help all the key stakeholders to engage in deep and candid conversations over a period of time. At the end of these conversations, there was clarity and conviction and commitment to whatever they had decided.
A very large family business conglomerate had been running a flagship leadership development program for several years. Over time, questions were being raised about the effectiveness of the program in addressing their larger leadership needs. The Organisation and the institution running the program wanted an independent insight into the situation. It is in this context that they invited Ganesh Chella. Ganesh used his diagnostic skills to delve deep into the issue and come up with an innovative set of insights and recommendations.

Interested ?

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